With Star Wars, Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings all enjoying streaming popularity as Lego themes in their own rights, fans of science fiction, fantasy will be thrilled to learn that Dr Who Lego has finally arrived.
From fan designer Andrew Clark this set was voted in by Lego fans and has gained enough popularity that Lego has decided to adopt and produce this lucky fan’s design.
The design cleverly incorporates all the aspects of the Tardis, with the Tardis’ time control room with a multitude of panels, the blue police box exterior, that is somehow smaller than its interior (even in Lego!) and  four minifigures including the 11th and 12th Dr, and of course what Lego Dr Who set would be complete without Darlecs?
This set is a great buy for any Lego fan and a must-have for any fan of Dr Who!