Increased cooperation and understanding between co-workers

Brick Yourself Team Building:

Build your team, literally, with Brick Yourself!

Build a better team with Brick Yourself


Brick Yourself’s unique and revolutionary approach combines fun and creativity with serious team building.

Our fresh approach to professional inter-cooperability presents  co-workers with a new way to interact and connect with one another through methods just not possible in the work place.

Through our program we aim to give participants valuable and lasting skills in a variety of important areas. By encouraging sincere communication, creativity and lateral thinking, Brick Yourself’s program  focuses on producing a deeper understanding and respect for each other within a fun environment.

The program is designed primarily to encourage participants to really learn about one another as well as work together in ways which will help generate greater harmony in the workplace. By creating minifigures of themselves and of each other, our participants are afforded the opportunity to learn more about themselves, to learn more about those around them and perhaps most critically to understand better how they and everyone else functions together as part of the greater whole.

Our program gives particpants the chance to seriously consider what drives and motivates themselves, what drives and motivates those they work with in ways which will almost certainly increase understanding and cohesion and foster closer and more tightly knit working relationships.

When people understand those around them and their own function within a team, greater coordination is invariably the result. This not only tends to lead to a happier and healthier work environment but also to an environment where goals can be accomplished more effectively, more efficiently and with greater cohesion and unity across the board.

Increased cooperation and understanding between co-workers

Brick Yourself’s team buiilding progarm aims to help participants acheive the following:

* A better work environment through increased understanding and cooperation

* More efficient and effective results in team based and cooperative projects

* An improved understanding of team members themselves as well as others in both a professional and personal capacity

* Improved confidence in people’s own skills and self worth as well as their co-workers

* A greater awareness of people’s own function and importance in the workplace

* Enhanced creative, lateral thinking and problem solving skills

* The opporunity to acheive greater self-development and awarness in a uniquley fun and creative way

Brick Yourself offers 2 distinct Team Building Packages
Our Entertainment Package caters to larger groups with an emphasis on fun, creativity and enhancing cooperation and communication at an operational level.
Our Executive Package caters for smaller groups, usually in managerial positions and while fun, places a greater emphasis on a wholistic approach to team building at a deeper strategic level with the aim of building relationships which enhance more effective and efficient strategic planning and corporate management.

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