How Does Brick Yourself Work Exactly?

Basically we make people out of LEGO. Although we can’t reveal all our secrets, our methods are diverse and we sometimes go to extreme lengths to provide you with the figure you desire. Of course it’s not always possible and we don’t guarantee 100% success rate, just that we’ll give it a go.

Could you Explain More About the Design Process?

The design process involves gathering a number of details about the subject such as their personality, their style, their interests and hobbies and we also recommend having a photo if the subject is not there in person or it’s an online order. Then we’ll choose from a large assortment of Lego pieces a head and hair that match their personality, an outfit that matches the style of clothing they normally wear or something that matches a particular theme. And then we give them an accessory or two based upon what they are interested in. Once this is done we take a photo of the figure and send it to you for approval and alter the figure if so required based on your recommendations. And what can and can’t be done? Once you’re happy we send out the figure.


How Long Does it Take?

At Brick Yourself we want you to get your figure as quickly as possible, but it’s a somewhat complicated and unique process for every figure and so generally it can take anything from 2-28 days depending on the complexity of the design and the amount of other orders being processed. During busy periods (October-December for example) orders will generally take a bit longer.

Occasionally (less than 10% of the time) new parts will have to be ordered in and this may add another week or two to your order. If this is the case we will contact you and ask your permission to go ahead. This will generally not cost anything extra, but it will delay the completion of your order.

When your figure is finished you’ll receive photos of the figure.


Does Brick Yourself Ship Internationally?

Yes, Brick Yourself ships internationally to all countries.


What are our International Shipping Costs?

Standard, non-registered international shipping for a figure is $8 AUD and takes between 2-8 weeks in non-peak periods to arrive.This is in addition to the time taken to make the figure which is anything from 2-28 days depending on the complexity of the design.

Registered and tracked as well as express shipping options are also available from an additional $25 AUD. This takes roughly 6 working days to most countries and there is additionally a $50 option which takes between 2-4 working days to all countries world wide.

There is also an increased shipping cost for display cases apart from the soft display case (which is shipped flatpacked).


Is Brick Yourself available for private parties and corporate events?

Yes, absolutely. Contact us @ for a free quote. Be sure to book well in advance of the actual date to ensure the best chance of securing your booking.


Can Brick Yourself Make Absolutely Anything?

Well… That’s a tricky question, the short answer is no, the long answer is yes if you want to pay for hours and hours of specialist work.

We can create pretty much any person but not necessarily in highly specific outfits. Part of the reason for this is copyright.

We could do several good casual outfits in many different colours, but we could not do a specific Ralph Lauren shirt for instance. We don’t generally custom print, so if you wanted a particular sporting team jersey you could contact us for a quote or preferably we do the figure in the team’s colours. Shoes are also notoriously difficult to do as Lego people don’t have feet and facial expressions may not be possible if they’re not already made by the Lego Group.


How specific should I be on my order form?

Well, we’re limited by what LEGO pieces actually exist so if you wanted a tennis player then that’s fine, but if you wanted him to be wearing adidas shoes then that’s too specific because LEGO people generally don’t have shoes and Adidas pants are too specific. We can do pants of almost any colour but we couldn’t do brand specific items. You could order a casual outfit predominantly in blue, but a blue jumper may be too specific as we don’t have jumpers and other outfits in every colour. In terms of accessories we cover 100’s if not thousands of different interests and though we can’t promise we have absolutely everything, after hundreds of figures there’s nothing we’ve not been able to do yet. You For further examples of what is/isn’t possible please refer to the latter half of the answer to the last question.

How big are Brick Yourself Figures?

Brick Yourself Figures use LEGO parts and as such are the same size as a normal LEGO minifigure which is about 4cm tall. 


Does Brick Yourself Have an Offline Store?

We don’t have an online store per se, however we regularly attend public events which you can learn more about here,  in addition to being able to come directly to you with Brick Yourself’s Private Parties and Corporate Functions which you can learn more about here


Something else you’d like to know that we haven’t covered here? Contact us at to suggest improvements to our FAQ page.