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“Brick Yourself’s unique and personalised figures are creative and artistic, allowing you to express fondness for someone in a cute and thoughtful way while giving them something they can treasure forever.”




1. You only need to fill out the 4 fields: “Character Name; Essential Characteristics; Age and; Gender” to place an order.

2. However if you fill out most of the fields briefly and provide a photo, we’ll have a better chance of producing a quality figure from the first draft.

3. Try and give the figure some dimension by adding broad personality traits and interesting hobbies, fun facts etc…

 Give it some character with a general theme if applicable. Use your imagination in terms of theme (because specific details aren’t always possible) and most importantly, have fun with the process. Try to really describe what the person would be if they could be anything, be it pirate, princess or themselves and we’ll do our best to take care of the rest.

4. Please note, your Brick Yourself Custom figure also comes with free PVC display box as well as basic domestic and international shipping options. In order to get tracking and other additional shipping options they must be selected during checkout.

Feel free to start ordering your Brick Yourself Figure now. Notes through the order form will help guide you along. However you can also scroll down to the bottom of the page if you’d like to read more about how the process works and how to describe your figure for best creative results. 

Upload Picture

A headshot is all that’s really necessary, though if you’d like your figure dressed in a particular outfit, we’re happy to look at whether it’s possible or not.

Character Name *

Name your Brick Yourself Figurine

Figurine Essentials *

Try to name 3 things this person’s really interested in. Hobbies, that sort of thing. Essentially we want to know what makes this person tick what really identifies them as a person to see how much of this can be represented in LEGO.

Gender *

Age *

Approximate age of the subject.

Hair Colour & Length/Hat Style

In a couple of words please mention the colour and approximate length of your figure’s hair, or if you would like them to have a hat please describe the style of hat.

Facial Characeristics

Would you like your figure to be happy or something else? Does the person always wear glasses or have facial hair? If so, please mention it here.


What is the person interested in? What really identifies them with who they are? Or, put more simply:, what 2 accessories would you like your figure to hold?

Additional Comments

Would you like your figure made in a certain theme or style?
Would you like your figure dressed in particular colours?
Is there any other information that may be relevant to the creation of your figure? PLEASE BEAR IN MIND we use genuine LEGO parts to create your figure and as such are generally unable to recreate logos or speficic outfits.

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Essentially we design your figure based on your instructions. You provide a headshot and some general information about the person you would like made as a LEGO® figure.

We then custom match real LEGO parts to your requests and employ subtle customisation techniques to produce the first draft

. The look and feel of the figure will be based on the subject’s personality and hobbies and to a slightly lesser degree, physical features.

Given that you only have a few bricks to ‘describe’ someone in LEGO, it should force you to really think about what makes someone who they are.

For further information please visit our FAQ page or email us @

Please Read if You Would Like to Better Understand the Brick Yourself Process.

  1. You only need to fill out the 4 fields: “Character Name; Essential Characteristics; Age and; Gender” to place an order, however if you fill out most of the fields briefly and provide a photo, we’ll generally have a much better chance of producing the type of figure you’re after from the first draft.

. 2. The greater the number of interests you provide about the person, the more versatility we’ll have for creating an interesting and unique figure not to mention something that matches the subject.

3. Try to describe the general facial expression you would like (happy, angry, cheeky for example) and whether they have facial hair or glasses. Please note that facial hair and glasses will make the design more complex, so really think about whether the characteristic helps identify them before requesting either or both.

4. Describe the general style of clothing and colours that best suit them. We may not be able to recreate every outfit out there but it will help us design your figure in a style that suits their LEGO form.

5. Describe specific accessories that identify their interests, such as cameras, ice creams, spanners, roller stakes or mobile phones to give some examples.

6. Perhaps the most important thing to bear in mind when ordering your Brick Yourself figure is that you’re creating what someone would like if they were a LEGO figure which is a very different thing to what a LEGO figure would look like if it was them.

So replicating photos and really specific details is not really what this is about. It’s about recreating caricatures of people, capturing their personalities and interests. For really specific requests such as particular outifits and logos you may want to check out our Premium Figure.

7. It’s also important however, to have have fun with the process. Theme the figure in a creative way if you like. Try to really think about what the person would be if they could be anything be it pirate, princess or illustrious billionaire. If you frame the description so that the figure has a little character, we’ll generally be able to take it a bit further creatively, or at least provide you with some options for you to choose from.

8. To summarize, Brick Yourself Figures blend superb LEGO minifigure design and customisation with a creative spirit, and bold artistic flair. They may seem like just minifigures to most people, but to us they’re artistic creations with each one personally designed and produced with skill, passion and heartfelt devotion.

If you describe your figure simply and according to the instructions above, we’ll be able to make your figure one of our best!

6 reviews for Brick Yourself Advanced Figure – Designed For You

  1. Bridget

    Hi Daniel,

    I received the figure yesterday in the post – it’s fantastic! Thanks so much for all your questions and working to get the figurine just right. It is going to be an excellent Christmas present for Jono 🙂

    Many thanks,

  2. Ricki

    Hi Daniel,

    Just letting you know that the minifig arrived to me today.

    Its absolutely perfect! Thank you so much for all your work on it. My partner loves it so much. The detail is amazing.

    And thank you so much again for the display box and gift wrapping paper. It was a very nice touch.

    I’ll be sure to recommend you to my friends and I’m sure I’ll be using you again to make more mini figs 🙂

    Thank you so much again!

    Kind Regards,


  3. Sophie

    Brick yourself is a hilarious concept that brings great joy!!

    I bricked my family in a Star Wars theme and Daniel was

    very helpful sending a multitude of creative ideas for me

    to chose from. I also bricked my brother and his girlfriend

    and the cracked up over Christmas and adored their mini


    My Bro is a photographer and always wears Hawaiian

    shirts, and Daniel had a camera and cute shirt, we even gave

    him boofy hair- which He has!!! It was easy. Thanks Daniel!

    Love Sophie

  4. Vanessa

    ” I bought many on of my loved ones a brick yourself Xmas gift this year and they absolutely loved it! The figures truly reflected each person’s interests and personalities. There was always ongoing friendly & professional communication and I was amazed with the end products ”

    Thanks Daniel, I hope this is helpful & I wish you luck with your new website.



  5. Jacquie

    My cousin’s boys were sooo excited when they received their bricked mini’s … even their parents were so rapt too. I think they will be their show ntell for when school starts too. Sure to be a winner there.

    ” I was very happy with Daniel’s service .. he really showed personal care with each figure design. Very easy to deal with, and it was such fun designing the bricked designed with him. Thank you for such wonderful service. Highly recommend to get yourself bricked.””



  6. Devina

    For me, it was my first experience doing this create your own LEGO(R). It surely a pleasant and fun experience. I’m very pleased and satisfied with the service and creativity. I feel like the service being offered was excellent. I’m also pleased with the result!! Hahahahaha thankyou for all you service and I hope for more event like this.

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