Brick Yourself New Custom Lego Accessories

It might interest you to know that the three top interests we get both in Australia and around the world here at Brick Yourself are athletics, computer games and beer/wine.

Responding to this universal demand, Brick Yourself has taken matters into their own hands and have, after many months of work, finally produced their own, brand new, high quality designs. These are genuine Lego parts that have been subtly modified using ingenious customisation techniques to produce simply stunning results.

We are subsequently very pleased to announce the launch of the latest Brick Yourself custom Lego parts, just in time for Christmas.

These include our new, sleek, transparent-black game controller (H30), custom beer and custom wine accessories. These are all are own refined creations and are all completely exclusive to Brick Yourself.

All these parts are now available for our popular new “Make Yourself” figures. Other additions include the new style Lego book as well as the extrication of some older parts.

The new upgrades ensure we have even more options to help you create the perfect Lego figure for the perfect person.

Our Make Yourself figures are the best option for making a great figure at a budget. Nowhere else can you find such a variety and combination of Lego minifigure parts than at Brick Yourself. Not to mention that selecting the parts online and then having them arrive is so much fun!

Brick Yourself Custom Lego Beer Accessory

Brick Yourself Custom Lego Wine Accessory

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