Come along to Chatswood  Mall Markets on Thursday 9th December for Brick Yourself’s Latest Live Event.

Make yourself or someone you know made as a LEGO® figure, it’s fun, totally unique and the perfect gift for someone you really love. Custom-made figures start from $25.

At its heart, Brick Yourself is about gift giving. Whether you’re getting the gift for yourself or for someone else it’s going to be something special. Brick Yourself offers you a unique opportunity to really give someone the perfect gift, the gift of themselves as a LEGO® figure.

What makes it the perfect gift?

The short answer is that it’s special.

The longer answer is that it’s unique and artistic: a gift designed specifically with that person in mind.

The figures can be made however you would like. They can be made according to a theme (whether it be a real life theme like a policeman, or a fictional theme like a Star Wars character), or you can order a figure of a person that in a style that represents that person in a particular way. You may want to recreate facial features or a particular dress style that person exhibits or you may want to choose custom accessories that represent that person’s particular interests. For example if they’re into photography you may want to accessorise them with a camera accessory.

Where is it?

Chatswood Mall Markets


Thursday 9th  December 2016 9:00am – 9:00pm.

For more information about our product and services please visit or contact us at

Orders can be placed online and picked up on the day from the markets.


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