Brick Yourself Custom 4WD RAM & Set

This was one of the most challenging designs so far for many reasons but primarily becuase of the scale of the vehicle. The set was commissioned for a customer in Dubai. He realyl wanted his 4WD in Lego and it was also decided that we could make a set with a winding road that represented the travels on which he and his partner had journeyed. There are references to the middles east, China and Japan and Dubai as well as hidden references to their relationshp throughout the set such as the Yin and Yang symbol.

Most of the designs were created as if they were sand dunes running through the scene such as the Chinese dragon and the Burj Khalifa, bu there are also Persian Temple ruins, a japanese pond and cherry clossom tree, bamboo tree and many other features.

The RAM (4WD) was the centrepiece but getting it close to the actual design as you can see in the picture was a monumental task given that it was created to minifigure scale which presented many design limitations. Perhaps chiefly was that no Lego windscreen element existed which was that length and angle for this scale and it signifcantly affects the rest of the design as you can see. Although the doors open, all four figures can fit inside, the numberplate and several other features have been custom designed, the windscreen and subsequent design was a stumbling block which was mostly but not entirely overcome in the end.

I’m still quite proud of the design but if I had more time it may have been nice to explore additional options. Given how precisely the end design fit together however, I learned, somewhat painfully that to redesign one part meant taking the whole set apart and almost starting from scratch. And so, only having so much time to restart the project from scratch the result is what you see here.


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