The end of last year was a busy time and we completed many projects including this one between completion of the Super Hero project and Christmas.

This one wasn’t nearly as big in its scale but the idea behind the project was just as massive in its scope.

We were contacted by a lady who wanted to make 10 figures of her partner Paul. She wanted to truly represent all his personality traits and interests (which were many) in Lego and had decided she wanted 10 themed figures of him to accomplish this.

And so we created Paul as:

1 & 2. Star Wars Paul: Dressed in Darth Vader and Storm Trooper outfits complete with weapons and helmets.

3. Lego Loving Paul: Dressed casually holding a Lego figure sized box of Lego.

4. Domestic Paul: Dressed in overalls and holding a mop.

5. Formal/Romantic Paul: Dressed in a tuxedo, holding flowers and a wedding band.

6. Casual Paul: Dressed casually (funnily enough, wearing aviators and holding a phone.

7. Work (radiographer) Paul: Dressed as a radiographer holding an x-ray.

8. Basketball Paul: Dressed in a Lakers
style basketball outfit with basketball.

9. Photographer Paul: Dressed casually and holding a camera.

The Subject Paul

I really like this set because it really is what good present giving and Brick Yourself is all about. It’s very thoughtful and only possible when you know and love a person very much. This of course leads to the best gifts generally because they’re both heartfelt and thoughtful.

Apart from being a great creative challenge in addition to being super fun to do, this project was also particularly special in that it demonstrated the full potential of Lego to capture individuality in someone.

Various incarnations of Paul

Ideally this is how we would like to make all our figures. Every person is so complex and multi-faceted that to represent all their interests and who they are in any form of re-creative artwork is going to be a challenge. This afforded a new solution to the challenge of building people in Lego and the results were tremendously rewarding for both creator and created.

The final product.

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