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Brick Yourself Custom Lego Minifigure – Sir-SMASH-A-LOT – 28-08-17


A Brick Yourself custom Lego Minifigure


1. The Initial Concept & Design:

The customer request was for us to create a figure that incorporated the elements of squash, tennis, badminton and ping pong as well as an interest in fantasy and stylish dress sense.

There was nothing wrong with the first attempt considering there is only one type of Lego tennis racket but upon the customer’s insistence that I try and incorporate more of the individual elements I went back to the drawing board.

2. The Final Figure:

The greatest challenge was to create different rackets, and after some trial and some more error I created a small blue “enchanted racket”, and a massive smashing racket which gives the figure its name.

Putting the figure on horseback made it look much more impressive and allowed me to hang two regular rackets from the saddle like swords. The custom designed helmet tops off the figure nicely (both literally and metaphorically), and a white cape ended up complementing the design better than the purple.

Finally the solarization effects on the photo produced some great results, I particularly like the colour of the figure’s face underneath the visor.

For this relatively small and simple figure, it took a lot of thought, outside of the box, to come up with something different but better while maintaining the same themes.