Brick Yourself figures are caricatures of people in Lego®.

The figure represents the subject in ways that capture their unique characteristics. These characteristics are based on your description.


For your order to be processed you only need to fill in the required fields. If you would like to add anything more however it may help in the design of your figure as well as speed up the process. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to provide lots of information, just information that is relevant.

Here are a few examples of good descriptions: 

Example 1: JIM

The Description: Jim is 45 and likes fishing, mountain biking and fast food. He has has short brown hair and glasses. He is outgoing, and quite funny and looks good in tan and brownish type colours.

The Figure: Jim’s figure is created wearing a brown leather jacket and tan pants. He has short brown hair and has glasses with a happy outgoing face. For an accessory I created him with a fishing pole, although I would also send pictures of him with a mountain bike or something like a pizza or chicken drumstick to represent the fast food.

Example 2: JANE

The Description: Jane is 20 she is very sweet but also quite shy. She particularly likes wearing red and blue colours. She doesn’t generally like to wear too much make up however. She has blonde hair that she likes to wear in a pony tail and she is particularly fond of puppies, ice cream and her mobile phone.

The Figure: For Jane’s figure I have made her up with a sweet smiling face, with not too much make up. I’ve given her a blonde pony tail but i’ve given the customer the choice of two different styles and colours of blonde pony tails. She wears primarily red and blue colours and is accessorised with a mobile phone because it looks the best. However the customer would have the option of a puppy or an ice cream accessory or all three if they were willing to pay extra.

Example 3: CHRIS

The Description: Chris is in his late twenties. He is a bit cheeky and is particularly good with computers. He also likes rapping, and being creative and is someone who aspires towards career and financial success. In terms of Lego he is a big fan and was particularly fond of the M-Tron space sets that were around when he was a kid.

The Figure: I have done Chris’ figure in a way that encapsulates all his major attributes. He has a baseball cap on backwards to represent his rapping interests and a cheeky smile to represent that side of his personality. He wears the M-Tron Lego torso that reminds him fondly of Lego when he was a child and he is accessorised with a computer screen and a gold bar. The gold bar represents success but it could also be seen as a golden keyboard implying that he will be successful both financially and in his career because of his skill with computers.

Thanking you,