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 Please note the $99 fee serves only a deposit. Most Premium projects will require further payment upon completion due to the time and parts involved. This should already have been discussed with you with your Brick Yourself designer, so please contact us at info@brickyourself.com.au if further clarification is required.


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Brick Yourself Premium Figures & Sets are exquisite creations, potentially unlike anything you’ve ever seen.
Our designers are guided by your thoughts and instructions in a process proven to repeatedly produce spectacular results.
Your Brick Yourself artist is someone who will invest a part of themselves into your design to produce something truly special, something unique, artistic and of superb quality.
The success and high artistic quality of our Premium Figures is due to the plethora of available Lego and custom parts as well as the skill and devotion of our artists whose painstaking customisation techniques are employed to wonderful effect in the production of our highly detailed and imaginative creations.
Premium Figures also include the following benefits:
  • Free base plate and free Collectible Case exclusive to Brick Yourself.
  • Free Domestic & International shipping.
  • First class customer service throughout the entire design process.


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