Brick Yourself @ 2017 Oz Comic-Con!

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Brick Yourself is thrilled to have been invited to this year’s Oz Comic-Con  and you are all cordially invited to what promises to be our biggest, livest and most exciting event of the year!

Oz Comic Con, Australia’s biggest and greatest pop culture event, continues to deliver on fun, creativity and entertainment each year and 2017 is no exception.You can show off your Cosplay, attend a plethora of fascinating exhibitions, or visit the new Anime Station, the Gaming Zone. There’s even a family activity room for the little ones.

As for the Brick Yourself part of this event  is concerned, we’re also stepping up our game for this one. In addition to the amazingly fun and creative experience we already provide our guests and the opportunity to make and keep one of the coolest gifts around, we’ll also be featuring the largest Brick yourself set to date, featuring 8 scenes full of vibrant colours, intricate designs and compelling themes it promises to be a real eye opener. We’re also debuting our exciting new interactive creation station which has been designed with the ultimate playing experience in mind, which is perhaps for us the most exciting news of all.

So if you want to grab a cool gift for a cool person at one of the coolest events this year, if you want to go somewhere you can thoroughly enjoy yourself, or even if you just want to check out what all the fuss is about., then by all means come down and join us for the most fun you’ve ever had in a Wookie suit!

What: Sydney Oz Comic-Con

Where: Sydney Exhibition Centre

When: Saturday 30th September – Sunday 1st October



About Brick Yourself:

At its heart, Brick Yourself is about gift giving. Whether it’s for yourself or for someone you know a Brick Yourself Minifigure is going to be something special. Brick Yourself offers you a rare opportunity to give someone a unique gift, a perfect gift, the gift of themselves as a LEGO® figure.

What makes it the perfect gift?

The short answer is that it’s special.

The longer answer is that it’s unique and artistic: a gift designed specifically with that person in mind.

The figures can be made however you would like. They can be made according to a theme (whether it be a real life theme like a policeman, or a fictional theme like a Star Wars character), or you can make a figure of a person in a style that represents that person in some particular way. You may want to recreate facial features or a particular dress style that person exhibits or you may want to choose custom accessories that represent that person’s particular interests. If they’re into photography you for example you can accessorise them with a camera


Brick yourself gifts are awesome and unique, to find out more head to today!

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