Late last year we were commissioned to create 900 super hero minifigs for a digital marketing agency based in Sydney.

Some early prototypes of the design

The idea behind the project was that the company wanted to send 3 differently themed heroes to their clients as unique heroes that represented their company’s best attributes so one of the characters was called ‘Service Girl’ for instance. We designed the figures and had the company’s logo printed onto the torsos.

Some of the initial parts

Taking about two months to complete this was a fun and somewhat challenging project. Just building 900 figures was in and of itself not too bad but importing printing and coordinating such a large order involved a significant amount of time and energy to see it all through to the end.

Photos of the final designs and some stages in the process are attached below. Overall I personally feel proud to have contributed to the larger Super Hero population of the planet, even if they were in Lego form.

Final images of the product including the display case in which the products were sent to clients of the agency.

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